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Letter of the Month

11 January 2023  •  Mannwest Admin

The below letter to the editor of The Australian is our letter of the month! John McRobert is a Civil Engineer born and …

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Challenging our Shibboleths

26 May 2021  •  Ron Manners AO

A review of Mannerisms: 1985-2020 Former Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Bill Hassell AM, was kind enough to review my latest book Mannerisms: …

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Mates for Mining

26 November 2020  •  Ron Manners AO

On the 20th November, 2020, Mannkal was pleased to host the fast-growing "Mates for Mining" morning tea established in order to recognise those …

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Are you being “mugged”?

9 September 2020  •  Ron Manners AO

We have had many challenges to face in 2020. Which to tackle first? Without the traditional wisdom of a reliable business or political …

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Alcoa ‘on the nose’ again!

8 July 2020  •  Ron Manners AO

Alcoa is at it again! Ahead of seeking approval from the state government for a range of environmental approvals around its mines and …

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Why another book?

11 September 2019  •  Ron Manners AO

Anthony Cappello (Connor Court Publishing) suggested I write a book about myself. My immediate response was, “I’ve already done that, and it’s called …

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Sir Arvi Parbo, AC – RIP

1 May 2019  •  Ron Manners AO

The world mourns the death of a mining legend. Sir Arvi died peacefully, at his home in Melbourne, today at the age of …

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Killing and Stealing: Government Specialties

18 April 2019  •  Ron Manners AO

Part 1 Over the centuries, governments have only excelled at two things. Killing (mainly by declaring wars) and stealing (mainly by taxation and …

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The fuse is lit

15 October 2018  •  Ron Manners AO

This speech was delivered at Explo '99, an AusIMM conference on rock breaking. In it I reveal not only my criminal past but …

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Croesus Mining NL: Highs and lows

2 July 2018  •  Ron Manners AO

There's been increased interest in Croesus Mining NL of late. It was founded in 1986 and during my time with the company it produced …

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