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Slide-Rules, Capital and Remaining Focused

16 August 2023  •  Ron Manners AO

Avoiding socialism and wokeness! During a recent office clean-up, I came across my old slide-rule ….. What a useful item this was, in …

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Tallinn – Estonia – The Home of Entrepreneurship

26 April 2023  •  Mannwest Admin

Starting at the Bottom (I am still not sure where I will end up) The below is a speech delivered by Ron Manners …

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WA Inc. II

16 January 2023  •  Ron Manners AO

Where are our investigative journalists? (and why the silence from shareholders?) I am still expecting to hear the backlash from a recent announcement …

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The “Climate Debate” drives off the cliff!

9 December 2022  •  Ron Manners AO

It is hard to avoid the strident tones of the promoters of the various climate and "Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)" schemes. I …

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Travel & Creativity

11 November 2022  •  Ron Manners AO

They say that distance and difference are the secrets to creativity. Perhaps that is why I have returned to Australia refreshed from spending three …

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Corporate Culture 2022

10 October 2022  •  Ron Manners AO

At Mannwest Group and Mannkal Foundation we invest in a wide range of publicly listed companies as we are dependent on their continuing …

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Mannkal’s New Strategic Alliance

10 June 2021  •  Ron Manners AO

Today we are excited to announce that Mannkal Economic Education Foundation has entered into a strategic alliance with the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research …

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Challenging our Shibboleths

26 May 2021  •  Ron Manners AO

A review of Mannerisms: 1985-2020 Former Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Bill Hassell AM, was kind enough to review my latest book Mannerisms: …

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The Bureaucratic Buggers

18 January 2021  •  Ron Manners AO

Following the successful outcome of my seven year dispute with the Australian Tax Office (1970's), I was happy to be 'back at work'. …

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“Bunking” your own philosophy

20 December 2020  •  Ron Manners AO

On Monday the 12th of October I had the pleasure of addressing students of Perth Modern School on the subject of entrepreneurship. Let …

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