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Ron Manners’ ideas
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In 1895 – six years before Australia’s Federation and the existence of an Australian flag – WG Manners & Co, a mining engineering business, was established in Kalgoorlie. In 1955 Ron B. Manners assumed control of the family business which eventually evolved into its current entity Mannwest Group, headed by Ron as its Executive Director.

From the 1970’s to the 1990’s Ron floated several Australian listed mining companies, his success enabling him to pursue his other interests – philosophy and freedom. On this website you will find a repository of Ron’s writing and speeches over the very many years he has been active in business and politically, seeking to advance the principles of liberty, free markets and small government. View Ron’s full biography here.

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Book Store

We have a range of carefully selected books available for purchase – including Ron’s own six books. Some of them are even available to you for free! Browse our selection by clicking here.


Having served the Australian resource industry and engineering industry since 1895, Mannwest Group/WG Manners & Co has developed a wide network of contacts, enabling us to provide a number of consulting and advisory services. If we are unable to assist you within your timeframe we will suggest alternative, competent consultants.

Property Development

As an active member of several property development syndicates and companies, Mannwest Group has, over many years, developed a variety of commercial, residential and shopping centre developments. We invite new proposals for your investment consideration.