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The below letter to the editor of The Australian is our letter of the month! John McRobert is a Civil Engineer born and bred in Queensland, who in his spare time gives addresses on tax reform and writes numerous letters and articles environmental topics.

The Editor
The Australian

Dear Ed,

It must be demoralising for 16,000 employees of Glencore earning a decent living creating real wealth for Australia, to read they work for ‘one of our worst industrial polluters’ (Anne O’Hara Letters 7/1). Perhaps a trip into the country to visit the source of the nice clean electricity flowing into the power-points of her home may change the opinion of your correspondent that coal-fired power stations are polluting a surrounding environment. She will find the air nearby is clean and fresh, with plants verdant and flourishing because the heavier-than-air, invisible, odourless gas, CO2, nourishes their growth. It drops mercifully like the gentle rain from heaven from chimneys that can no longer be called smokestacks, as scrubbers now take out that nasty black polluting smoke.

My eyes still water when I recall going through tunnels in a train pulled by a steam locomotive. But ever more efficient use of coal has deprived younger generations of that experience, and they are now blinded by a smokescreen of anti-coal propaganda generated by those peddling untenable alternative energy sources, so dilute and unreliable as to be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

Water vapour rules the climate, carbon dioxide is an innocent red herring.


John McRobert

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