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The world mourns the death of a mining legend.

Sir Arvi died peacefully, at his home in Melbourne, today at the age of 93.

He will be in the thoughts of many thousands of people who have been touched and inspired by Sir Arvi over such a long period.

Sir Arvi has been a beacon of inspiration for many of us involved in Australia’s productive industries.

Recent links regarding the life of Sir Arvi Parbo are:-

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  • Thanks Ron

    Sad news. He was a giant of a man. I hope Hugh Morgan delivers a eulogy, they were a great team. Both gave excellent speeches at the MECA and the mining industry sorely needs more like them at the helm of an industry requiring the long-term vision and dedication they demonstrated. Too many at the top today are just book-keepers with short-term objectives.

    Is there a biography to inspire those within and outside of the industry? There are too many who have no idea of the source of their well-being.

    Vale a gentleman and scholar, Sir Arvi.


  • Long ago, when I thought differently to the way I think now, I accidentally came across something Sir Arvi Parvo said. It struck me as very sensible. Later, I learned more of his history and achievements. We do not have enough people of that calibre.

    I hope that the plot for the return of Western Civilisation to Australia succeeds.

  • Ron, thanks for the sad information. I worked for Arvi in the mid-70’s and met up later on when he was Chairman of Alcoa negotiating with the SECV and later still when he spoke to my Probus group. His autobiography may appear in the not too distant future. It is mostly written, I believe, and many of his old colleagues who are still alive have helped with a lot of memory jogging.
    A great man. We will not see his like again any time soon. Someone who made our politicians look like the pygmies they were and are.

  • Thanks Ron,
    Very sad news. I met Sir Arvi before a Melbourne Mining Club meeting in 2008. We had both arrived very early and he was good enough to chat to me about our industry for some time, even after some of his party had arrived. I felt I was in the presence of greatness!
    I was able to tell him that I had secured a copy of his address to the first meeting of the Melbourne Mining Club in 2001. It has been preserved on the SMEDG web site at and absolutely stands the test of time.

  • Thanks Ron

    Truly sad news. I first met Sir Arvi when I was still a metallurgy student at Uni of Queensland in the early 80s. He was the clearest thinker in the industry in that decade and worked hard to ensure mining was seen as integral to Australian society. It is time for the next generation, including yours truly to step up to the plate and carry his message in modern times.

    A great loss to Australia and to mining


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