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Mates for Mining

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“Bunking” your own philosophy

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A significant Mannkal wedding

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Match this legacy!

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Let me share some ideas & adventures

Ron’s long career has taken him to a number of major world events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of communism in Russia and the Hong Kong handover. Mining is in Ron’s blood. His grandfather WG Manners, the son...

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If individual man is to be free, he is to be held accountable, he is to be deemed responsible for his actions. But at the same time he is allowed to take credit for his achievement.

Jim Buchanan

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Reason and Doubt — The Christian Roots of Liberty

23 January 2018

Reverend Peter Kurti is a Research Fellow co-ordinating the Religion and Civil Society program at the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney. The …

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Ron Manners’ five books all now available as free e-books

Ron Manners is digitising his archives and granting free access, with more coming soon in every category.

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