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On Monday the 12th of October I had the pleasure of addressing students of Perth Modern School on the subject of entrepreneurship. Let me share this, as it reminds us of the important link between personal philosophy, integrity and business.

Have any of you heard of Sir Roger Scruton?  He was a remarkable philosopher who died in January this year.

Roger Scruton was a great thinker, who often used the phrase, “bunking”.

This is a term not often used but it is the exact opposite to the word “debunking”.

Most of us understand what debunking means – it means putting a lot of effort into disproving the ideas of others.

However, bunking means the opposite – it means building your own belief system.

When speaking of debunking Scruton said that “the work of destruction is quick, easy and exhilarating.”

In contrast he described bunking as, “slow, laborious and dull.”

However, that is exactly what we do at Mannkal.

We concentrate on helping you find your own belief system.  Then, how to apply it consistently to your personal life, your business life, your political life, and your family life.

Your whole existence will be so much easier if you are operating, always, on one set of beliefs.

You will never have to use the very lame excuse of “but it is only politics” or “but it is only business”.

If you have one philosophy you can easily distinguish right from wrong.

This all links into entrepreneurship because the essence of entrepreneurship is how to treat your colleagues, how to work with others, how to select others who have skills that you haven’t, and how to present your own skills that they lack and need.  Together, you can form very successful collaborations which will make all the difference to your career and your own life.

Entrepreneurship, of course, is being alert to opportunities as they arise, but this can sometimes be tricky. They never appear in front of you clearly labelled “this is an opportunity!”

Sometimes they appear as obstacles, sometimes they appear as challenges, but if you can recognise them as “opportunities”, you will seize them again and again and that will make all the difference.  Use these opportunities to expand your life and broaden your horizons and we wish you every success in your own life adventure.

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