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Those of us, fortunate enough, to have heard Pauline Hanson’s ‘Cost of Living’ speech in the Senate on Sept 7th, 2022 may have joined me in thinking, “How envious the Liberal Party must be.  Senator Pauline Hanson was saying what most Liberal MPs believe but are too timid to say.”

Hopefully, envy will eat the heart out of the Liberal Party’s complacency.

The incredibly costly infliction on our citizens, of the fraudulent Climate Crisis / Net Zero policies are exposed for all to see in the confession of the founder of Greenpeace .

Thank you Pauline Hanson for stepping forward and filling the vacuum for the position in Australia’s ‘political leadership space’.

Now, what has all that got to do with Ukraine?

The common link is the powerful motivation of envy.

While the Liberals envy Pauline Hanson and her ability to step forward into political leadership, the Russians (those who are permitted to travel and watch international media) are also consumed by envy, at the high level of happiness and prosperity across the border in Ukraine (prior to Feb 24, 2022).

The Russian President Putin is aware of just how contagious envy is and stepped in with his misguided plan to abort Ukraine’s slow but steady steps toward a free and civil society.  He underestimated just how much the Ukrainians had learnt to appreciate and value a free society.

May this conflict end well for Ukraine before Russia’s contemptible envy spills over into the rest of the world.

Slava Ukraini!

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  • Now we are being asked to consider an aboriginal ‘voice’ in government – where envy fits into this, I am not sure, but it is there somewhere.
    My preference is a ‘voice’ for ALL Australians and not simply a racist based policy, as detailed in our book “CIR Australia” – freely available at
    It discusses the importance of this policy to ‘the forgotten people’ of Australia, as remembered by Sir Robert Menzies.
    Long live our regal heritage.

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