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The following Poseidon feature is from my book Heroic Misadventures. The full book is available as a free e-book here. Pages 288-304 cover the famous Nickel Boom.

Early in 1990 I had an idea! Should we allow the 20th anniversary of the Poseidon Nickel boom (the stock market peak of the Poseidon shares) to pass without a celebration of some kind? I felt we could gather together 15-20 of the original Poseidon participants which should guarantee a good night of reminiscences. So out went the ‘faxed’ invitations. Promptly, 52 acceptances were received, as the invitations had been ‘passed on.’ A great night at Kalgoorlie’s Hannans Club, followed with a star-studded evening of good humor, where at last, many true stories of those times were revealed.

And now, on February 23rd 2024, it is on again at the Hannans Club in Kalgoorlie.

Register here, quickly!

Ron Manners AO
January 2024

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