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This Mannerism was written in 2016 but its message still rings true today.

There’s nowhere to hide

What makes these current times so interesting in Australia, as throughout the world, is the total disconnect between our political rulers and voters. This fact is obvious to the voters but remains ‘invisible’ to the ruling class. Political elites everywhere are still hiding behind the political moats they have built to protect their ivory towers. With the internet and social media, those political ‘moats’ no longer exist.

Sensitivity to the concerns of the general population, as opposed to those of special interest pressure groups, cease once the politicians feel that they are in charge of taxing and spending (in earlier times called ‘looting and plundering’) and that the voters will never know.

Fear, bordering on panic, can be seen around the world, from China to Turkey to many European countries. Once the next generation realizes that today’s media are in their hands and no longer drip-fed to the population via government media releases and government-controlled media, the rules of engagement will change for the better.

The preservation of free democracies largely depends upon our personal (social) media to blow the whistle on the many ponzi schemes created as government programs — set up to enable select groups to ‘loot and plunder’ on the assumption that docile future generations, in their ignorance, will peacefully inherit the disastrous debt burden currently being strapped to their shoulders.

One of the pleasures and privileges of running our Mannkal Economic Education Foundation is hearing directly the voices of returning scholars who, having been exposed to these problems elsewhere, are able to easily recognize these same corrosive political practices in Australia.

The first step is to get the message out to our federal and state politicians that the game is up!

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