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Nature knows the importance,

of promoting new growth.

New eggs are laid,

to replace those lost to predators.


We see this nearby,

as Lady Duck raises her five.

Then a few days later,

only three remain alive.


In nature, there is purpose,

one might say.

It’s simply an accepted part

of life’s feeding cycle.


However we can’t rationalize,

in the same way,

when we see start-up business

killed off, by bureaucrats, every day.


That’s why we need

a continuous flow,

of fresh start-ups,

replacing those that go.


Personally, I have experienced

two fine companies of mine,

closed down by ‘Occupational License Police’,

whose boorish behavior rhymes with swine.


Occupational licensing keeps

prices much higher,

as it prevents

new competition (and hurts the buyer).


It only protects those who are there already

Public Choice Theory shows how

concentrated benefits spread

the costs to suckers like us.


But the game is up,

with Tony Galati being awarded

Entrepeneur of the Year, for

demolishing the Government’s Potato Board.


Good news sometimes turns bad.

One would think that those bureaucrats,

who once carefully measured our potatoes,

may have been employed as fat cats.


Their dream did not come true.

The Government has them collecting fines

from the travelling public,

every time we get an Uber.


These fines, per trip,

now go to the taxi owners,

who paid handsomely for protection

from our State Government.


To protect them from what?

From competition, their biggest fear!

Taxis have been over-charging

the punters for years.


The need to get this protection money back

has sent them reeling,

to another opportunity —

hiring Government to do their stealing.


Get up off your knees

and email your politician too,

tell them how you just paid another Uber fee,

they inconsiderately imposed on you!


Ron Manners

December 2017


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