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When we feel uneasy about many of today’s questionable policies, it is often a challenge to know what questions we should be asking.

Populist political theories such as “too much debt can be solved by borrowing more”, and “deficits do not matter” have grown deep roots.  They have been nurtured by those receiving the “political favours”.

The Public Choice Theory course at Fremantle’s Notre Dame University will clarify in attendees’ minds just how bad policies develop a life of their own and are almost impossible to extinguish.

These damaging policies abound to such an extent that they provoke a smorgasbord of questions.

Thomas Sowell, the great economist, said, “We seem to be getting closer and closer to a situation where nobody is responsible for what they did, but we are all responsible for what somebody else did.”

At our Mannkal Foundation we are encouraged by the willingness of our young scholars to take on the responsibility of pursuing their understanding of a free and orderly society.  They broaden their knowledge of basic principles and traditions of self-responsibility.

Through discussion and writing they examine a wide range of issues; economic, political, cultural and philosophic.  Always with a view to seek understanding, but never conformity!

Do you also find their enthusiastic curiosity encouraging?


Science is the disbelief in the opinions of experts.

Richard P. Feynman

Civilisation is the celebration of expertise.

Dr Ross Fardon

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  • Governments choose experts whose advice usually leads to increasing the power of the state and the prestige of the the politicians who run those states. The “tax eaters” who run the country have no reason to want to give up their privileges and benefits.

  • Way back after the cholera epidemic of 1849 swept through London, Herbert Spencer noted the incompetence of government authorities charged with public health, and how government regulations actually got in the way of private and voluntary contributions. In the time since, nothing much has changed!

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