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Today, leadership is so elusive, one needs to be a ‘prospector’, turning over so much waste in search of the occasional nugget.

Leadership was once readily available in our daily life, in business, in politics, in our schools and universities, but not now.

How is leadership defined?

The Estonian Business School (university) defines a leader this way:-

“An individual who inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.”

Australia’s Spectator Magazine (June 1st, 2024) talks of leadership:-

“Leadership comes from accountability.  The honourable leader will take responsibility for the actions or decisions of those he has empowered to make those decisions.  The burden of moral leadership requires the leader to be the individual who bears the blame, even to the point of resignation, when things below go wrong.”  ….

“Power can be exercised to the full by such a leader because he or she has already committed to the idea that they will take the full blame, and the punishment, should a decision prove to be the wrong one.  Equally, the public can have full trust in their leader knowing that along with extraordinary power comes a final reckoning.  ‘The buck stops here’ in many ways, the very essence of a successful, agile, and powerful democracy at work.

Alas, Australia is right now bereft of such a noble principle, and indeed, of such enviable political leadership.” ….

So, how about some examples of Leadership?

Here are two.

One, Rep. Victoria Spartz, a Ukrainian (Soviet Union era) born U.S. Member of Congress (R-IN) warns Americans about current trends of idolising Socialism (equally applicable to Australia)

For YouTube of her speech go to here

The other, James Allan, a Canadian legal expert, now a well-known commentator on constitutional law and a Professor in Australia warns us about the ill-conceived ‘Disinformation Bill’ passing through Australia’s Parliament with hardly a murmur.

Watch his video presentation at the Civilisationists (Perth) presentation on May 29th, ’24 – go to here

Please share your thoughts and comments via the ‘comments section’ below.

We need to continue our discussions about leadership and Australia’s current wistful wanderings.

Thanks for reading.

Ron Manners AO

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