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In case you haven’t heard, several petulant twits running the University of Western Australia (UWA) student union (Guild) are squandering the fees of fellow students on their pet project – Anti-Australia Day. No one minds them spending their own money or time on their pet projects but, the Student Guild hierarchy have launched into this “brainwashing campaign” with fellow students’ money.

All this is being done by the privileged few who continue to arrive each day to get their free stuff, financed by Australia’s long suffering tax payers. Furthermore, on a campus that gives lip service to free speech they shut down anyone that raises their voice to question their agenda.

Details of the latest example are in the following proceedings of a recent meeting:

2. That the UWA Student Guild:

  1. Does not support Australia Day being held on the 26th of January as it is the day of dispossession of Indigenous culture as is a commemoration of a deep loss.
  2. That Australia Day should be moved to a more inclusive day and thereby supports the #ChangeTheDate campaign.
  3. Recommends to future Guild Council’s to not celebrate Australia Day held on January 26th.

Moved: Tyson McEwan (Welfare Officer); Seconded: Nevin Jaywardena (Guild President).

The only speaker against the motion and person to vote against was Michael McKenzie who was continuously told to check his “privilege” by the education president because she is “sick of white males who make a comment on race issues which they will never be able to understand”. It was said that due to Michael’s racial identity, “he has no right to argue on the topic of changing the date.”

What a sad example they set for our next generation of leaders – and Australia desperately needs fresh leaders.

So how does this affect the community’s support for universities? Simply because people are asking: “why should we continue to support this nonsense?” Unfortunately trust and respect at all levels have broken down so seriously that those who created this problem appear unaware of the challenge and of the scale of the task of rebuilding this trust and respect.

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