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Scrambling on board the flight from Hong Kong back to Perth once, my thoughts strayed to the key impression of my visit to the Mandarin-Oriental Hotel and the two conferences I had just attended.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel MannwestStaying at the Mandarin-Oriental Hotel is always a highlight, but why was this time especially memorable? It’s their attention to detail that puts it on the bucket list of places to stay.

Jumping on the cross trainer on my second morning there, I was struck by the fact that the attendant set the TV screen on the same channel I had watched the previous morning.

When I jumped on the fourth morning, he set the time for 20 minutes without even asking me. I said: “How come 20 minutes?” His answer was: “Mr Manners, that’s easy. First morning 5 minutes, second morning 10 minutes, third morning 15 minutes, so today 20 minutes!”

To remember the mathematical progression a guest used, to escalate the daily pain, indicates that the Mandarin-Oriental Hotel has an exquisite team member on their staff.

Why am I humbled?

Because I cannot now remember his name, but I promise to do better if I’m again privileged to stay again at the Mandarin-Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong. These comments also remind me of the Humility presentation that I delivered to the Australian Minerals Foundation, relating to knowledge management, way back on November 27 in 1995.


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