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Ron Manners’ ideas
and adventures
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Our Very Own Political Party (Heroic Misadventure or part of an ongoing revolution?) (page 121)
On Doing Business (page 161)
The Challenge for Chambers (Freedom rather than favors) (page 163)
Prospecting to Mining to Investing (One thing leads to another) (page 185)
Prospecting: a Way of Life (page 189)
Mining: The Productive Process (page 197)
Remembering Lang Hancock (page 215)
Australia’s Mining Hall of Fame (Building an Aussie icon) (page 233)
Is It Time for Another Revolt? (The 150th anniversary of Australia’s Eureka Stockade Rebellion) (page 265)
Do All Booms End in Tears? (Part 1, 1960-2006) (page 281)
Do All Booms End in Tears? (Part 2, to 2009) (Have the Harvard Graduates succeeded where the Communists & Terrorists failed?) (page 305)
The Language of leadership (The Sir Arvi Parbo Oration) (page 333)
Appendix (page 359)

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