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  1. Don’t get sick.  You don’t want to be a burden on others, as they are already burdened by the fall-out from the current crisis.
  2. The elderly (more prone to coronavirus) may not be in possession of all the information you are receiving.  Share any legitimate advice on this topic with them and watch over them.
  3. Practise ‘cleanliness’ like you have never practised it before.
  4. Rationally evaluate all the information coming to you.  So much is self-serving nonsense, but amongst it are some real gems that are worthy of sharing.

    Don’t believe politicians when they say they can ‘save jobs’.  Without profits and cash-flow there will be no jobs.  Talking of saving jobs, State Governments could stop ‘fining’ employers for creating jobs, by abolishing Payroll Tax.  John Gray (Mannkal Scholar) writes here.

    The planned large doses of “stimulus” in various forms, will do immense damage (over the longer term) to the Australian economy and will seriously reduce the purchasing power of the A$.
  5. Save up all your hugs and handshakes for later (don’t let them wither and die).
  6. Start a collection of ‘written items’ that leave you with the ‘essence’ of this crisis.  I have similar collections that allow me to review past ‘catastrophes’ and rank them by their true historic importance. 

    * The 1961 – 62 Menzies’ Credit Squeeze
    * The 1987 Stock Market Crash
    * The 1983 – 93 Western Australian Property downturn, coupled with 18% interest rates.
    * The 2002 Dot.Com Collapse
    * The 2008 – 2012 Global Financial Crisis (GFC)

  7. Redefine your career plans, bearing in mind the emerging opportunities of the next ten years.  Your experience with Mannkal travel and seminars will assist you. These current events will certainly test your resilience.
  8. Explore ways in which you can navigate the coming months.  Be more than an observer.  Be an activist.

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For your consideration here are several items that I feel are worthy of sharing with you: –


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