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So much has been written in this past week regarding the Fall of the Wall, what else can I possibly add?

Reading so many remarkable articles reminded me of a day in 1982 when I wandered through ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ to East Berlin with the noted economist, Professor Murray Rothbard.

Professor Murray Rothbard spreading ‘seeds of freedom’ at the foot of the Karl Marx Memorial, East Berlin – 1982.
‘Checkpoint Charlie’ entrance to East Berlin 1982

I took this coloured photo of East Berlin as we passed through ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ but there just wasn’t any colour to be seen.

Returning from the East, again through ‘Checkpoint Charlie’, I noticed the long, low angled mirrors that were used to check if there were any escapees, from the East, strapped under the vehicles.

There was no need for checking for the west to east transfer.

Murray Rothbard and I discussed, at length, the absolute absurdity of socialism being so enthusiastically promoted, in Western universities, when it was so easily demonstrated to be a failure.

Socialism always leads to the decay of the civilisation that we benefit from and enjoy.

Here is a brief selection of ‘the best of the best, Fall of the Wall anniversary articles’.

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