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Every seven years, the Mannkal Foundation has ‘curated’ a Western Civilization style conference.

This year’s 2024 conference was by far the most successful with 520 attending the venue of The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle.  A resounding ‘three cheers’ to the inspirational and tireless Becky Clough as Conference Chairman.

The unanimous indication, during the closing session was that all those in attendance were keen for this event to be repeated.  Immediate steps are being taken to arrange a regular quarterly event, along this same theme.  This will be an evening-type event, centrally located, to enable all those with daily work commitments to fully participate.  This will, in effect, enable all of this ‘team of 520’ to maintain contact.

Video Presentations of all Sessions

As promised, below is a schedule of all the sessions, the speakers, including the Introduction, Conclusion and Presentation Ceremonies:

Here is the playlist with all the short versions – with the long versions accessible by clicking the links on the short versions)
Here is the playlist with the full sessions only

I strongly encourage you to share all these links, this entire email or even individual links from your favourite sessions with all those on your own lists and encourage them to maintain contact with us via the website   This website will be updated and continue to feature related material to keep these issues alive with all of you.

Links to the earlier two conferences:
For the 2017 conference – click here
For the 2011 conference – click here

In conclusion, let us again sincerely thank the great speaker panel and yourselves as vital participating attendees, and of course the four main sponsors for the event:

Please find the link to an IPA membership special offer here:

Please consider donating to the Centre for Independent Studies by clicking here.

PS. And, of course, please don’t forget to order my latest book – The Impatient Libertarian – very much on-theme with our conference.

Thanks for reading.

Ron Manners AO

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