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A good question and you have a right to ask.

Any observer, of Australia’s current pre-occupation with trivia and its avoidance of the real issues, has many questions to ask. Our Western Civilisation Conference: The Sun Rises in the West II is planned for for Friday, November 24. It provides the opportunity to ask questions and receive direct, and sometimes politically incorrect, answers.

Biting the invisible hand

In 2014, Toronto-based, UK born writer, Peter Foster asked and answered a question in his book’s title, Why We Bite the Invisible Hand. He delved into this paradox. He asked how we can live in a world of expanding technological wonders and unprecedented well-being and yet hear a constant drum beat of criticism and condemnation of the system that created it?

He described the system as ‘capitalism’. It’s guided by the ‘invisible hand’, a metaphor for economic markets associated with the great Scottish economist, Adam Smith.

Foster concluded that the key to this paradox lies in the field of evolutionary psychology. He explores how so many of our economic assumptions, fed to us by our educational institutions, tend to be wrong and how populist politicians seek to exploit these wrong assumptions. He cautions that when you bite the invisible hand, it always bites back.

Every attempt, by politicians to milk more taxes, invites an equal reaction from the taxed victims and so the political roundabout continues. This cycle repeats itself in the daily media who regard it as nothing more than entertainment.

The next question

What will it take to restore a sense of individual responsibility to Australian communities, to our schools and eventually to our political system?

Ask your questions and expect informed answers on November 24. Don’t come just to be entertained. Our conference is for people who will take action to follow up their concerns for Australia’s future.

To register, click here.

To find out more about the importance of Western Civilisation, read this.

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  • Hello Ron, I would love to attend this Conference, just not quite able at the moment… I have been getting tour Newsletters for some time now, and am in near total agreement with sentiments contained therein… My family history has been in food and fibre production and leading the charge in many innovative ways, most recently having represented Australia with my youngest daughter in Johannesburg at the global Future Agro Challenge Finals. We have been struggling to get some Australian based financial support to restart our family business together as super-compost makers, an area that I have been able to cleanly produce yield increases of up over 300% in a year! After almost 3 years of struggle here we sought and quickly found Asian based support and are finalising the arrangements with them now… Just a little early to be able to get across to your Conference. The things that most concern me are Australia’s food security … we have just over 80,000 farming families left now to feed Australia and some 40,000,000 overseas, and the problems with our weather … where it is being seriously messed with, with apparent Government clandestine support… As soon as financially possible I would love to attend some of your functions! Kind Regards, Chris. Cameron, near Toowoomba, Queensland.

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