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On January 8 2016, Ron Manners celebrated turning 80 with a small group of family and friends at the Perth Mint.

The theme was five. You will have to watch video two of Ron’s speech to fully understand the theme. At the conclusion of the birthday party, it was resolved to adjourn the meeting until Ron’s 100th birthday!


Photography by Ashley Klingenberg (Mannkal Scholar to Lithuania)

1. Roasting Ron by friends at Ron Manners’ 80th, Jan 8, 2016:

2. Ron Manners’ 80th Survival Speech; Sarah’s Toast; Jenny’s Concluding Comments, Jan 8, 2016:

The event was a quiet family affair (as above) until the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) posted this over-generous piece below.

Lawrence W. Reed, “The Brilliance of Ron Manners on his Birthday,”, January 8, 2016:

The Foundation for Economic Education staff and board of trustees wishes our good friend Ron Manners of Perth, Australia, a big happy 80th birthday today!

Ron is an Australian businessman and is one of the world’s most dedicated advocates for liberty and free markets. A long-time supporter of FEE and friend of our founder, Leonard E. Read, he is executive chairman of Mannwest Group and founder and executive director of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, an Australian free-market think tank whose website we urge our readers to view. Ron is also a member of the prestigious Mont Pelerin Society.

In recent years, Mannkal has sponsored a stream of fantastic young Australians as interns at FEE. Chances are, at most any time of the year, you can walk through the FEE offices in Atlanta and hear a “G’day!” with an Australian accent. We count the Mannkal Foundation as one of FEE’s best and most active partners.

Ron Manners, we thank you sincerely for all that you do for FEE and for Liberty. May you enjoy many more birthdays as one of Liberty’s tireless ambassadors.

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