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Letter by Ron Manners to Chief Inspector of Factories and Shops in Western Australia. Published in freeEnterprise, vol. 2, no. 10, July-August 1976, p. 8.

Dear Sir,

We have received two “Certificates of Registration” forms (Form 3A-F, Form 3B-Shop/Warehouse) soliciting payment by us, to you, of sums of money related to the number of people working with us.

Is this a voluntary contribution?

If so, what benefits flow to us or other parties (other than yourselves of course) from the payment of such monies?

If this is a compulsory payment, why is it? As such, it would then appear to differ very little from the standover protection payments extracted through similar coercion and force by the Mafia organisation.

If it is a payment extracted by force, no doubt you will have many ways of bringing to bear bureaucratic action and we would appreciate receiving details as similarly you would enjoy reciting the many clauses from the appropriate legislative mumbo-jumbo.

Yours faithfully,
Ron Manners
W.G. Manners and Co. Pty.Ltd.

P.S. We note your comments on the Certificate that “This certificate shall be Affixed and MAINTAINED in a conspicuous position at the premises so as to be clearly read.”

Quite frankly we do not feel that these documents have any aesthetic value whatsoever and they most certainly would detract from the general appearance of our premises.

If, however, you wish to negotiate a commercial rate for such billboard advertising, we could be interested in coming to some mutually agreeable terms with you.

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