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Remaining Sane in an Insane World

Don’t judge the world
just by today’s headlines.
The mob rarely gets it right,
so who will guide you through?

It could be a rough journey
on your own.
Sanity preserved
by just a few.

They may never ever meet each other,
although each with
a strong link,
just to you.

Their numbers may be,
as few as five,
importantly each, a vital ingredient,
to keep you sane and alive.

Value each, for without their help,
you would have to reassemble
the many shattered pieces.
A daunting task that makes us tremble.

So, here’s a thought for you,
as we enter this festive season.
Identify those special few
and explain clearly the reason.

Then do something special,
separately with each,
before each opportunity
is beyond your reach.
Ron Manners

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