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Ron Manners, “Festive Reflections on Entering the New Decade,” Mannerisms, December 1, 2010, copied from

During my recent travels,
(I’m always on the go),
I heard an old time saying
remembered from years ago.

My dear old Grandma
muttered it to me one day,
at the time, most probably,
I was getting in her way —
“Now Ron, if you want
to feel good about yourself,” she said,
“just stop hanging about the house all day —
and find something useful to do instead.”

That brought to mind
a more recent conversation
of what might be our greatest gift
we could pass to the next generation.
In the many suggestions that came forth,
the gift of ‘self esteem’ was mine —
seemed to be a much better legacy
than even a bottle of fine wine.

Relating it to Grandma’s good advice,
it somehow fits so well —
funny how those wise old words
often ring a familiar bell.
On giving this gift a bit of thought,
I’d probably now suggest,
when it comes to spending or investing our time,
investing is definitely best.

Growing physically, mentally and spiritually,
means we’re investing in our time,
whereas growing old just spending it,
we may even waste that bottle of fine wine —
So while flying back from Washington,
I’ve put my thoughts on parade
as our lives fly so swiftly by
into the mystery of a brand new decade.

Our words and our actions
will live in those who follow on —
This is our legacy, you know —
Just a reminder from ‘good old Ron’ —

Happy Christmas!

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