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Published in Mannkal’s Musings: Mannkal Foundation’s End-of-Year Review 2015

They say that planning is useful, but despite all the planning we do at Mannkal Foundation, quite often the best things seem to develop from a series of coincidences. One example is the origin of our two new outgoing students programs to Greece.

In May 2015 I was invited to participate in the speaker panel for the Free Market Road Show which visited four Greek cities. This coincided with my attendance at the Atlas Network-Cato Greek Economic Crisis Summit in Athens. From these events emerged two Greek host think-tanks willing to accept Mannkal scholars for periods of up to three months.

We were then alerted by the Business News article, “Perth business carries torch for Greece,” to the Hellenic Initiative. This was inaugurated by a group of Perth business people who have developed a hosting program with local enterprises to receive young Greek people for periods of up to 12 months.

So by matching-up Mannkal opportunities with our newly developed network of Greek students, it was understood that a useful two-way exchange of young people would further develop the already deep cultural relationship between Western Australia and Greece.

Yes, there are many disturbing similarities between the way both Greeks and Australians are surrendering the discipline of individual responsibility to the seductive government offers to care and provide for us. A longer piece entitled Greek Lessons for Australia with video excerpts of the Greek Crisis Summit and Free Market Road Show will be launched at on November 1, 2015.

Let me just mention one similarity between Greece and Australia that I noticed. It is only the younger generation that is expressing any concern. The older generation has learned how to work the system by moving their money elsewhere or finding clever ways to protect themselves from continual government encroachment. However, the younger generation is very aware of the mess and debt being left to them by their elders. As one young person said at the Thessaloniki event where nearly 1000 students attended, “Our government has stolen our future!

So, today, from here in Perth Western Australia, let me invite you to read these pages of our latest edition of Mannkal’s Musings. You’ll be intrigued to read what our young emerging leaders have to say.

Thanks to all concerned.

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