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Ron Manners, “A mixed year it was!,” Mannerisms, December 20, 2000, copied from

The hills and the valleys,
were a bit steep this year.
Sensitivities rise with age,
or so it would appear.

Losing a third mentor,
after 30 years of dream building.
Marks the end of an era,
causing the year to lose its gilding.

This gives cause to steady the ship,
so the dreams are still in place.
Get back into training,
so we can finish the race.

Should we listen to those who urge,
a greater degree of tolerance,
as a way of achieving,
a warmer, caring style of followance?

An abandonment of performance standards,
is how tolerance is seen,
And the goals dilute to second-rate,
as we later discuss “what could have been”.

Instead, let’s reinforce the focus,
on the various small teams of star players.
The reward is to be energized,
by you, the inspirational remnant; the stayers.

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