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Bettine Heathcote AM (The Chairman of The Order of Australia Association WA) just sent me a poem called Gallipoli, written by her 12 year old great-nephew Xavier Kuster.

Let me share this with you as an example of how our early “diggers” are respected by emerging generations.


Guns are shot
Australian men fall 
Lives were lost
Legacies are born
Into the trenches they go.
Problems were growing, disease were spreading.
On we go to battle.
Limited space, limited time, less and less survived.
It is our time to strive.

-Xavier Kuster

Xavier’s poem is an introduction to two earlier WW1 pieces that we have published.

The Pointless Tragedy of War Part I
The Pointless Tragedy of War Part II

May we never forget those who fought and who continue to fight to maintain our freedom.

Ron Manners AO

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