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In Europe and here in Australia

My grandfather, W.G. Manners, wrote the below poem while he was reflecting on two of his sons (one being my future father), fighting in the muddy trenches on the Western Front during World War I (1914-18).

Now, in 2022, as we see Putin’s Russians displaying sub-human brutality in Ukraine, I thought this poem should emerge from my archives.



The pen is mightier than the sword, ‘tis said,
the tool by music, art and science led.
It writes the records on the scroll of Fame,
the wonderous works of unforgotten dead.

The sword’s the emblem of a baser might,
performs great wrong to make a small wrong right.
The babble of an officer who scorns,
the gallant private who sustains the fight.

The pen records the thoughts of minds sublime,
leads wisdom down the eternal path of time.
The sword in bold ambition seeks to build,
fictitious glory on a hideous crime.

I’d rather have the humble poet’s share,
or climb philosophy’s illumined stair.
Than be a Bonaparte or Kaiser Bill,
whose futile failures stripped their glory bare.

~ W.G. Manners

Meanwhile a full-scale war is raging in Australia, with our home-grown enemies, recruited as “useful idiots’” doing their best to reduce our future to “rubble”.

These contributions come from two respected observers, Colin Agnew and Viv Forbes.

Colin Agnew:
I note that the recent Australian curriculum (ACAR) includes for year one mathematics, “Performing and creating addition and subtraction stories told through First Nation’s Australia’s dances”.

The woke folk are targeting mathematics as a product of white supremacy where they assert, ”2+2 is merely part of a hegemonic narrative, and we intend to replace Eurocentric mathematical knowledge with a decolonial antiracist approach”. Sydney university has a department of Indigenous mathematics for this purpose.

As Mark Steyn said, ”societies can become too stupid to survive”.

Viv Forbes:
Living in the Latter Days: How to Defend Australia

Australians are living in the latter days of the Anglo/American Empire.

For centuries now, world power centres have been moving west – from Mongolia, to Europe, to Britain, to North America, and now Asia beckons. Read more >>

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  • The Howard Govts $400 million gun buy back was a waste of money if nothing else. It was predicted by Julian Grill and myself it wd be ineffective and it is documented in Hansand just after it was announced. 95% of the guns handed in were registered firearms. 5% were unregistered. WA had the strongest gun laws in Australia and yet police informed us they they estimated only 50% of WA firearms were registered. Of the 5% handed in, many were old WW2 souvenirs. WA had a continuous amnesty so some of these 5% would also have been handed in without the buy back.
    Very few of the illegal weapons would have been bought back, instead guns were confiscated from law abiding citizens and little was achieve to make us “safer”.
    If they just offered money for illegal weapons, they would have got a better result.

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