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On Saturday, 3rd October, many of our Mannkal Team attended the marriage of our Executive Director, Andrew Pickford, to Shironi De Silva.

It was a spectacular event, with happiness swirling in abundance.

My thoughts turned to how marriage is a Great Enabler.

It has the power to
open every window
of your
hearts and minds.

To succeed, just allow
the happiness & love
to fill
even the furthest and darkest corners!

To our many thousands of eFocus readers, please join us in wishing Andrew and Shironi every future success as they embark on that wonderful journey called Marriage.

Ron, Jenny & the Mannkal Team.


  • Dear Andrew and Shironi, I wish you the greatest happiness together as you embark on this great life adventure together. I’m not generally a hugger, but I’m sending an enormous e-bearhug (very, very socially distanced) right now.

  • Congratulations Shironi and Andrew! Absolutely delighted for both of you.

    May joy and peace surround you both,
    Contentment latch your door,
    And happiness be with you now,
    And love be cherished evermore.

    Becky and Pete

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