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Special Australia Day poem – January 26, 2023

For this special Australia Day (before it gets banned), let’s lift ourselves beyond the current “pandemics of idiocy”.

Australia, you may have noticed, is hurtling toward the self-loathing, self-hate model, following the US-based “woke” trends.

Our current focus is on what we are encouraged to find objectionable (i.e. our culture, our Western Civilisation that that has given us so much, our Constitution which treats us all as equals).

Our focus is so aptly described by Christopher Akehurst below:

“Take the current pandemic of idiocy.  We are in the grip of idiocy; you encounter it everywhere, from the ravings of climate lunatics about the world getting uninhabitably hot … to the manufactured lies that pass as education …  No government or individual has the capacity to suffocate this nonsense … Idiocy cannot reason. It argues by means of violence. In our unfortunate society mob rule has come to determine much of public policy.”

So, just for a change, for 2023 Australia Day, let us take our advice from Goethe (1749 – 1832):

“A man should hear a little music read a little poetry, and see a fine painting everyday of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul and combine some poetry with some music.”

So, for a touch of nonsense ….

Who Painted Australia’s Sky so Blue?

Have you ever wondered,
how Australia’s Sky is so Blue?

Not just by chance,
that distinctive bright hue.

Who could be up there,
with a busy paint brush?

Putting a finishing touch,
while down here, we run around in haste?

Well, in search of an answer,
I fantasised that it may be one person.

Monty Sunshine is his name,
with his clarinet in hand.

Soaring above the other members
of the Chris Barber Jazz Band.

So, please take a moment or two,
let your imagination run.

Listen to this simple tune,
“April Showers”.

Monty’s clarinet climbing his way up,
and reaching for his paint brush.

At 3 min 50 on this freewheeling piece,
working quickly to beat the evening hush.

Remembering back to 1975
every Wednesday night.

At Kalgoorlie’s Exchange Hotel,
fate cast me, with clarinet in flight.

Each time, bringing it to my lips,
a question on my mind.

How would Monty Sunshine
handle this tune, if so inclined?

Nothing else mattered,
Monty was my guiding star.

Monty would be flattered,
and be smiling from afar.

But far too busy,
with his task at hand.

Painting Australia’s sky blue,
with the Chris Barber Jazz Band.

Ron Manners AO
January 26, 2023

Monty Sunshine visited Perth on January 13, 1998

Also of interest is Alexander Voltz’ recent article in The Spectator: Australia Day is Marked for Death. Let’s celebrate it while we can.


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