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Introductory comment to the Year Ahead 20th Anniversary Mannkal event — March 8, 2017, by Ron Manners

Let me acknowledge those early adventurers who brought to our country a set of values that have made Australia one of the few countries in the world to which people actually flee. The values they brought with them are diametrically opposed to those of many other countries that have been turned into hell-holes—that is, countries from which people flee. Let us never forget these stark differences when we hear any talk of relativism and the suggestion that all cultures and religions are equal.

How can they be equal when their outcomes are so very different?

Let us celebrate the values of Western Civilisation, property rights and the rule of law that were brought to our shores, for without these values, we might have become just another “hell-hole”. Our Mannkal Scholars return from their travels around Australia and around the world with a heightened appreciation of how blessed Australians are. They have been introduced to rational, informed patriotism.

Yes, we have much to celebrate. And much to be thankful for, as well.


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