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(He didn’t really care if you voted Yes! or No!)

Never under-estimate a Trotskyite from his earlier Sydney University days.  Someone who has studied Marxist – Gramscian – Alinsky strategies.

He was one step ahead all the way.

His clear understanding of the importance of dividing the nation, the business community and even the families, to the point where we no longer have any cohesive belief system.

Into that vacuum it is so easy to insert Marxist Socialism and recruit more battalions of individuals who become reliant on endless government hand-outs.

To ensure success of such a plan, it is vital to recruit thousands of ‘useful idiots’ (a Leninist-Marxist term – later used by Stalin).

All those signatories from big business, big education, big entertainment, who usually describe themselves as ‘elites’ are beholden to big government, as recipients of subsidies, grants, and favours of some kind.

Fortunately, the ‘non-elites’ or in Aussie terms ‘the average punters’ can recognize corruption when they see it.

It was no co-incidence that the P.M. posed with the Qantas CEO and the freshly painted Yes! On the Qantas plane, on the very same day that this government knocked back Qatar’s application to fly an additional 28 regular flights into Australia.

How do the shareholders of these big banks, the big companies and big charitable foundations feel about their companies (yes, the shareholders do own the companies) donating countless millions of dollars to a ‘cause’ they disagree with. 

Will we see some class actions taken, to suggest that these directors, in a swift return to Good Corporate Governance, now being forced to personally repay the funds that they have frivolously squandered?

Perhaps the average Aussie Punter holds our Constitution in higher regard than we hold our politicians.  The Constitution is really there to protect us from our politicians, and we should think carefully before we tamper with it.

Meanwhile, instead of this ostentatious display currently on view of what ‘bad losers’ look like, this is surely the time to focus on ensuring that the existing torrent of welfare dollars gets through to those genuinely in need, instead of ‘getting lost’ in the giant sponge of the Welfare Industry.


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  • Points well made Ron, reinforcing a concern that those who have deserted the Libs in recent elections will sympathise with Albo – note the Teals Yes vote.

    Strong inciteful Leadership required from the Libs to avoid having to live with Albo for quite a while

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