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Aussie rules and economics

3 April 2018  •  Ron Manners AO

Once at an economics conference I got into a lively discussion. We compared last century to an AFL game. Split into four quarters, …

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Happy birthday, Dr Friedman

31 July 2017  •  Ron Manners AO

If you know anything about free market economics you'll have heard of Milton Friedman. To celebrate what would have been his 105th birthday, …

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Different countries, similar problems

3 August 2012  •  Mannwest Admin

Who was the wise statesman who made the following comment? “The miner, the industrialist, the trader, the financier and the banker, if they …

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Free market economics: the antidote for socialist policies

12 September 1975  •  Ron Manners AO

This was written as a submission to the committee on post-secondary education for the Government of Western Australia, submitted September 12, 1975. Free market …

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