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“Put some words
into the Eureka time capsule,” they said – Me? – who already has a headful of stuff each time I go to bed!

“If you’re still around
in two thousand and fifty four,” they said, “you’ll be on the invite list.”
Well, there was an invitation, I simply couldn’t resist! And so it got me thinking
about splitting two hundred years into four –
the last three groups of fifty years –
and the fifty yet in store –

Eighteen hundred and fifty four to nineteen hundred and four – discovery dividends declared before the banking crash, Australia finding its feet again –
brave moves were made – with some quite rash –

Then came the second quarter, 04 to fifty four,
when the very bad overwhelmed the best –
Two world wars and a depression made it
not just rough, but very tough for those who headed west –

1954 til now – bad start but hope towards the end – restrictive policies discouraged –
some cautious experiments were made,
and enterprise, to our surprise, was actually encouraged –

So the next quarter is the one for us to make a stance – and we’ll be in there fighting – Yes! We still have a chance –

Government’s lofty plans for us
conflict with our own plan –
so can we shape our future now?
with time and thought and confidence, I reckon that we can!

So when they dig the capsule up
in two thousand and fifty four,
I’ll come from the West, join Eureka’s best – and ready to write some more!