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Dear family, friends and supporters,

It is with great pleasure that I humbly share with you the news that I have been included in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List as an Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for “distinguished service to the minerals and mining sectors, and to youth through philanthropic support for educational initiatives”.

The honour draws attention to the remarkable people with whom I have worked over these many years. At all times, I have been surrounded by dedicated people, whose knowledge and wisdom have gone a long way, to overcome my own shortcomings.

I would like to thank my wife Jenny, who encourages me in my productive pursuits, my tremendous Executive Assistant Judy Carroll who has worked with me for nearly 20 years, and Mannkal Foundation’s Executive Director Andrew Pickford for his tireless work behind the scenes.

I have been blessed with an extraordinary career. Firstly, in business, then in mining, then as an enthusiastic mining historian (through my seven books) and, for the past 23 years through the Mannkal Foundation.

It gives me great pleasure to invest in future generations through the work we are doing with the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. Mannkal has now sent over 2000 bright young Western Australians to economic study opportunities all over the world. Our flagship Leadership Development Program and is eagerly sought by students from our State’s four leading universities.

Additionally, this year is a busy one for us as it is Mannwest Group’s 125th anniversary and I suspect we must be one of the State’s longest continually operating family firms. 

It is also the 23rd anniversary of our Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. Mannkal is driven by a great Board of Directors and an efficient, passionate, and dedicated team. They can be seen, throughout the entire year, interviewing applicants for our 2021 programs. 

Our task is simple. It is to awaken possibilities in the minds of our next generation of leaders.

I would like to humbly thank all of you for playing a role in my success and enabling both Mannwest and Mannkal to making such a lasting, meaningful and impacting contribution to the community.

Ron Manners
0419 312 222

A tribute to Ron by Mannkal’s Executive Director Andrew Pickford can be read here.


  • Wonderful news ! — if somewhat overdue.
    With this award more will learn about and applaud your achievements — and seek to emulate them.
    Warmest Congratulations, Ron.

    • Congratulations Ron, Charlie and Nancy would be justly proud of their son being honoured in this way. Great to see Kalgoorlie being highlighted in your acknowledgment of the award.
      Well done.
      Brian and Joy Williams

    • Ron — You’re a hero of the revolution, an optimistic leader who has inspired thousands. Proud to call you a friend.

      Warm regards, Ed

  • Congratulations Ron for a very well deserved award
    I count it a great privilege to know you and Jenny and am always inspired by your enthusiasm and optimism in this somewhat depressing world.
    Your influence on young people can have a catalytic effect far beyond your own sphere and is the hope for the future of our Western culture
    May you have many more years of influence

  • Ron,

    Congratulations on your thoroughly deserved recognition for the tireless service you have rendered to your fellow man. Many of us wish the world could be changed for the better. Few ever attempt to do anything meaningful about it. Even fewer make such a big mark and inspire a whole generation of future leaders to be true to themselves and to look beyond the bien pensant causes du jour to discover both eternal truths and unfashionable ways that society may be ordered based on universal principles of liberty. Bravo!

  • Couldn’t have happened to a more worthy recipient Ron. I know you tried very hard to get me to stop addressing clients as ‘mate’ but seeing you’re a mate and not a client, “well done mate”.

  • Where is the party? How do I even express kudos to the man who I always want to call Sir Ron because of what he believes and does. I am also talking about how Ron always practises “noblesse oblege” on a daily basis. Both you Sir Ron and Lady Jenny Manners, always warm my heart and I am forever grateful. Every moment of every day, I wish you both abundance of transmission of love and light; health and joy. Cheers and congratulations.

  • Ron
    Huge congratulations from the Jones’s. Extremely well deserved . Your contributions to many areas is absolutely outnstanding & inspiring. Sally & john

  • Hearty congratulations Ron on receiving this award in recognition of your brilliant career. You are indeed unique in many ways, particularly in your instinctive ability to inspire so many people of all stripes to reach their full potential. Your limitless energy and hilarious personality truly make you one in a million!

    • Couldn’t agree more Bob.

      Ron, you are an inspiration. Your energy and insights are outstanding.

      Congratulations. I’m looking forward to your next book and inspiring poetry.

      Regards Warrick

  • Dear sir, congradulations I will pass this on to my dad John kitching I feel sure he will pass on his congradulations kind regards Maree elliott

  • Congratulations to a terrific contributor and wonderful man. Your passion, drive, generosity of spirit – and don’t forget poetry and mischievous twinkle – are inspirational to so many, not only the young. Well deserved Ron!

  • Ron, congratulations!

    Your achievements over the years in education have now received official recognition.
    There is as well your outstanding contribution to the cause of human liberty. You have put in much effort and money towards “the common good” in the true meaning of the words.

  • Congrats Ron. I know my Mum (your cousin) would be very happy for you. As would my Pop Ted Stevens (your Uncle). Best wishes from Melbourne!

    • Congratulations Ron on receiving such high recognition for your hard work. Warm regards, cousin Rochelle xx

  • I AM SO PROUD OF YOU RON!!!!! So very much deserved, and long overdue. Huge congratulations, and thank you for your tireless work making the world a better place! I’m honored to call you a friend!!!

  • Congratulations Ron, so pleased to see someone so deserving being recognised. Sad that there are only 2 of us 3 old revolutionaries left, but Ron Kitching would be delighted too.

    Viv & Judy Forbes

  • Ron AO, you are an inspiration to all West Australians across a spread of industries.
    Congratulations and Feel very proud when the Honour is bestowed on you by the Queens representative at the investiture ceremony in the coming months.

  • Congratulations Ron on your achievements, I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this honour. Wishing you all the very best during the ceremony and in the many years to come!

  • Warm congratulations to you Ron, and to Jenny on this award which so rightly recognises your great service to the minerals and mining sectors, and to youth on your truly wonderful support for so many educational initiatives.

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