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Our feedback (via conversations, emails and Facebook) show the mounting anger from Australia’s ‘new generation’ at being left to ‘pick up the tab’ from the ‘current generation’s’ spend-thrift ways (could we call it ‘financial illiteracy’ ─ it’s difficult to recall any government projects, Federal or State, that are ever brought in on time and within budget).

This is not peculiar to Australia as autocratic governments all over the world are discovering that they are trying to govern the ungovernable.

Currently, there are about 600 (Google the Max Keiser Report) concurrent ‘rolling revolts / internet revolutions / Facebook revolts / Arab Springs’, or by whatever name these internet driven, popular youth uprisings are called.

The possibility of this spreading to China, constantly exercises the mind of the Chinese Communist Party, as it puts their economy under intense pressure to maintain an 8% annual growth, to keep their 16 million new people annually entering the workforce from similarly rising in jobless protest.

Closer to home, the nonsense emanating from Canberra on a daily basis is also being queried by our youth (more vigorously than by the tame daily media majority).

More vigorous questioning required.

Young people have noticed that the daily media has not picked up on the latest Canberra Scam.

Federal Treasurer, Swan, in another attempt to be popular, has added a sweetener to his budget in the form of a pledge to ‘give’ every Aussie ‘pensioner’ a set-top-box (to enable Analog TV sets to receive digital signals), whether they want them or not.

The costing for this offer is $308M.

These ‘boxes’ are obsolete technology in most of the developed world and can be picked up for about $30 per box.

The government’s costings allow $400 for each box. So, the questions to be asked are: –

“Who gets the other $370 per box?”

“Who gets the balance of $380 million?”

We never found out who got all those millions from the Pink Bat insulation fraud or the School Halls / Library scam. I wonder if we’ll find out this time.

All we know is that the debts incurred are inevitably passed to the ‘new generation’ as a stark reminder of President Hoover’s quotation, 80 years ago: –

“Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt.”

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