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Birth and circumstance bring responsibility.  Living up to such responsibility is challenging, but achievable; if you have that magic ingredient called ‘character’.

Fortunately, for the U.K., the British Commonwealth and the Western Civilisation in general, Prince William and Princess Katherine have cultivated ‘character’ as they meticulously prepare themselves for their responsible leadership and accession to the throne.

Our Queen and Prince Philip are to be congratulated for bringing us such a well-structured succession plan.

Gemma Tognini (Sunday Times Jan. 12, 2020) fills in the details …..

I REMEMBER where I was when I heard the news that Princess Diana had been killed in a car crash. I was having lunch on a Sunday at the Sicilian restaurant in Subiaco.

It’s impossible to forget. As is the image of a forlorn little boy, walking behind his mother’s hearse with the eyes of the world on him.

It’s easy to empathise with the man who now wants to take his own infant son and leave the life he was born into, the same life he still blames in part, for his mother’s death.

Prince Harry, the broken, and his beautiful bride. Meghan Markle has been painted as everything from a high-end Hollywood grifter to the royal’s own version of Yoko Ono.

Did she poison Harry against his own family or has their relationship given him the strength to attempt a life of his own?

Stay tuned for season 30 of The Royals …

None of us know and that’s not even the point, because their marriage is their business. But what is public fodder is mess of their own making with a selfish, brattish, ham-fisted announcement of their plans to exit the family business.

Oh, and before I go any further, let me declare my hand. That is, that I have no hand. No horse in the race, no team in the chukka. I am staunchly indifferent when it comes to the British royal family. Only two things about them genuinely interest me. Wedding frocks and baby names. Make that three: Princess Charlotte. That kid has sass and I am a fan.

But back to Megxit. Like most of you, I imagine, I don’t begrudge them the desire to choose their own path in life. To run their own race, away from what would no doubt be a relentless grind.

It shouldn’t have to be stated that great wealth and privilege do not always come with fulfilment and happiness. As is often the case, it’s not the what, it’s the how.

You see, it isn’t that they wanted to quit the Firm, it’s how they went about it; namely a masterclass of entitlement and ungratefulness. A disregard for anyone else their decision impacted on. A myopic view focussed on an over-inflated sense of self-importance.

Oh yes, you can tell a lot about people by how they quit their jobs and these two showed us the royal equivalent of announcing it on Facebook before you’ve told your boss. Harry and Meghan showed the world what they’re made of, and it’s not much chop.

If reports are true, the 93-year-old Queen was given just 10 minutes notice before the bomb was dropped. They may as well have flipped her the bird. It’s hard to imagine a more bad-mannered, disrespectful way to act towards your own grandmother, who by the way, lets you live rent-free in her house, paid millions for the renovations and bankrolls part of your lavish existence and very comfortable existence.

They say they want financial independence. Admirable. Except the part where they’ve spent months making applications to trademark the brand Sussex Royal. Everything from bookmarks, pencils to clothing such and socks. That’s code for — we don’t want the responsibility that comes with having a royal title, but we certainly intend to trade off it and flog a lot of merch.

For context, Prince Harry inherited $37.8 million when his mother died. Meghan Markle earned an estimated $70,000 an episode during more than 100-odd episodes on the TV drama, Suits.

It’s not like either of them are going to have sort themselves out with a LinkedIn profile. They’re not on the bones of their arse.

Want financial independence? You’ve got it already, so off you trot.

Can I be honest with you?

I miss fun Prince Harry. Prince Harry who got snapped holding his wanger during a game of strip poker in Vegas a few years back. Harry who spoke proudly and passionately about his military career. That Harry didn’t whine about getting up in the morning. He wasn’t a dreary snowflake. The Sussexes told the world they’re only having one child, so they can save the planet. And stuff. This same couple plan now to divide their time between Canada and the UK. That’s a bitch of a commute. I wonder if they’ll train from Vancouver to NYC then hitch a ride on Greta Thunberg’s boat?

Some have said these circumstances have shown how out of touch the monarchy is and see this as a step in Australia becoming a republic. That’s nonsense. The only thing shows is how out of touch two entitled millennials are with the concepts of loyalty and respect.

It shows how staggeringly tin-eared they are, and when it comes down to it, how disrespectful they are to their own family. It’s bad manners, on speed.

If anything, I believe it may precipitate the British royal family moving more towards their Scandinavian cousins in the way the monarchy operates and interacts with the world around it.

Anyone thinking this is the beginning of the end has not seen the videos of Prince George cooking Christmas puddings with the Queen and Prince Charles. The House of Windsor isn’t going anywhere. Likewise, for anyone holding out hope of an 11th-hour reconciliation, forget about it.

I mean, Madam Tussauds has moved them from the Royal Set.

Nobody chooses the family they’re born into and of course they should be free to choose the life they wish. That’s never in question. It’s about deciding to exit with grace and dignity rather that burning the castle down the way out.

Thanks to Gemma Tognini for compiling that story, and on a similar theme, here is an American view of similar Entitled Generation issues:

My generation is blind to the prosperity around us.

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  • I wish to take issue with the critical article of Prince Harry, Duke of Essex, on 3 points.

    1) I don’t think Harry can be characterized as a “snowflake”, having served in combat in both Iraq & Afghanistan.

    2) It may be that Harry privately broached his desire to be relieved of his royal duties with the family, & the Queen would have none of it. He may have gone public in order to force the issue, which seems to have worked out in his favor.

    3) As an American, & a libertarian, I do not share the esteem for, dare I say, the romance with, the royal family, as other descendants of the British Empire seem to. The Windsor family has inherited their standing, power, & wealth through past coercion; the threat & exercise of violence against other human beings.

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