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Ron Manners’ ideas
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Everyone loves Ron’s book, Heroic Misadventures. Well, all the people that matter. Have you read it? Include your review in the comment section. 

“I recently picked up a copy of your book (Heroic Misadventures) at one of the vineyards down south. It was one of the most enjoyable and informative books that I could relate to from beginning to end that I have come across for some time. Congratulations on a superb contribution to Western Australian history and may I say the significant part that you played. What fun times you have had over the years, the people you have met, the tracks travelled and idiots you have had to contend with. Of course it bought back many memories for me with Esperance, our involvement in Kalgoorlie over many years and the contact that I personally had with many of the well regarded industry leaders like Arvi Pardo and Mona that you refer to. Ron, a job well done in recording part of your remarkable journey through life and may it continue for many more years. I look forward to the next chapter.”
John Black
August 16, 2011

Great Aussie Misadventures
Richard C.B. Johnsson, Ph.D
August 9, 2010

“Ron Manners: a memoir” on ABC’s Counterpoint:
Counterpoint web site
Listen or download (MP3, 7.9 MB)
More information (PDF, 48 KB)

“Gina Rinehart launched a great new book by Ron Manners – Heroic Misadventures. You can watch her speech from the IPA website – and she talks about Friedrich Hayek! (How many business leaders in Australia have even heard of Hayek – let alone know what he said?) Here’s Ron on the ABC’s Counterpoint a week ago being interviewed about his book.”
John Roskam
Institute of Public Affairs blog
June 10, 2010

Notes on Heroic Misadventures (PDF, 26 KB)
Benjamin Marks, comedy writer

Entrepreneur and the economy (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Julie Novak
IPA Review
March 2010

Manners shows why there is never a dull moment in the domestic mining sector (PDF, 100 KB)
Mark Fraser
Gold & Minerals Gazette
February 2010

A Libertarian odyssey? (PDF, 28 KB)
WJ Stacey, Chairman, Lion Rock Institute

Heroic Deadlines (by Ron Manners)
Australian Libertarian Society Blog
January 14, 2010

Ron Manners Book Launched (PDF, 19 KB)
Future Directions International
Weekly Global Report, Volume V, No. 45
December 14, 2009


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