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Prepare for sparks to fly and boundaries to be pushed as firebrand free speech advocate Brendan O’Neill descends upon Perth next month. Fresh from the release of his latest incendiary book, “A Heretic’s Manifesto: Essays on the Unsayable”, O’Neill is poised to ignite a storm of controversy at Australia: The Road Ahead conference in Fremantle on April 17th.

O’Neill, the former Editor of Spiked Online turned Chief Political Writer, is no stranger to stirring the pot. With a pen as sharp as a sword, he fearlessly defends freedom of speech against what he sees as the suffocating grip of political correctness. His columns in The Spectator, The Australian Newspaper, The Big Issue, and Reason have rattled cages and challenged orthodoxy with unapologetic fervor. Known for his knack for kicking up dust, controversy follows O’Neill like a shadow, as he fearlessly wades into the tumultuous waters of Brexit, Trump, Israel, 7th October and beyond, leaving a trail of ruffled feathers in his wake. In anticipation of his upcoming appearance in Perth, O’Neill brims with anticipation, proclaiming, “I relish the opportunity to confront the echo chambers and challenge the status quo head-on.”

Australia: The Road Ahead Conference, promises to be a battleground of ideas, where no topic is off-limits and political correctness is left at the door. Brace yourself for a no-holds-barred exchange of views as speakers from across the ideological spectrum clash over the nation’s future.

O’Neill’s latest tome, “A Heretic’s Manifesto: Essays on the Unsayable”, is a Molotov cocktail lobbed into the heart of the establishment. With endorsements from figures such as former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Reason’s editor-at-large Nick Gillespie, the book has already ruffled feathers and sparked cries of outrage from the guardians of mainstream discourse. Abbott warns, “Brendan O’Neill’s book is a grenade lobbed into the bunker of orthodoxy. Handle with care, or risk being blown away by its explosive insights.”

Dubbed the reincarnation of Christopher Hitchens by Gillespie and hailed as one of Britain’s most fearless provocateurs by the Daily Telegraph, O’Neill’s fearless approach to taboo topics has earned him both adulation and condemnation in equal measure. As the chief political provocateur for spiked magazine, O’Neill continues to push the boundaries of acceptable speech through his writing and podcast, “The Brendan O’Neill Show”. With previous collections of essays like “A Duty to Offend” and “Anti-Woke”, O’Neill has become a lightning rod for controversy, drawing the ire of the woke brigade and the admiration of free speech warriors.

Australia: The Road Ahead Conference brings together a range of speakers including former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, Janet Albrechtsen, Gary Banks, Gemma Tognini and many more.  

Prepare to be challenged, offended, and exhilarated as O’Neill takes the stage and sets the debate alight in the heart of Perth.

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