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Isn’t it strange that no-one in Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s ‘control group’ appears to have studied history?

If they had, I’m sure they would hesitate to take over the provision of ‘free and instant health care for all Australians’.

That is exactly what has brought Greece and Italy to their knees as they pursued the fiction of ‘living at someone else’s expense’.

This is exactly the Ponzi Scheme being promoted by Mr Rudd’s con-men from Canberra. Perhaps I’m missing something?

If anyone knows of history giving us an example of ‘cradle to grave’ welfare provision by central governments actually working, then I’d be happy to publicize such examples.

As if that’s not enough mess to heap on the ‘Pink Batts fiasco and the school’s building scandal’, we now have the Resource Industry Super Tax Slug (The Anti Mining Tax).

It would appear that our Prime Minister has declared war on anyone who saves and invests in Australia, including every Australian who has a superannuation policy.

Wise old Thomas Jefferson summed it up this way:

“I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labour of the industrious.”

For me, personally, about to ‘man a resource promotion booth’ in Washington D.C. and Chicago, my job is made a little more difficult but, as usual, always looking for the positive angle, I have a sign for display on the booth which announces: –


Australia’s natural resources have a longer shelf life than our Federal Government.”

What do you think?

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