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Northern Australia and Then Some

Changes we need to make our country rich

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To understand the future of Australia and its destruction by government, you only need to read two books. The first was a compilation of Lang Hancock’s thoughts of Australia in a book published to celebrate his 70th birthday.. that book was called Wake up Australia.

Only a couple of years ago, I urged Gina to reprint this book because some of which has come true, good and bad. Gina has gone one step further and put down her own thought taken from her many speeches and notes.

Read Lang’s book and it will light up your mind. Read Gina’s book and it puts our future under the brightest light I have ever seen. Thank you for doing this for Australia, Gina, and once again, you have outdone your dad.

~ John Singleton

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Northern Australia and Then Some
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Changes we need to make our country rich
Gina Rinehart
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