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Australia`s Nickel Adventure

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Australia’s Nickel Adventure is hot off the press and back from the printers. At 188 pages, including over 170 photos and maps, Australia’s Nickel Adventure covers the history of nickel exploration and mining over the past 50 years.

Many who were born in the previous century will remember the frenetic Poseidon nickel boom when junior stock prices would soar on a questionable rumour or on the basis a company had pegged ground near a discovery.

Australia’s nickel story actually began more than a decade before that crazy stock market phase and that is one of the starting points in “Australia’s Nickel Adventure” produced by Silver Budgie Pty Ltd to mark the story of Australia’s ongoing role as a great global nickel producers.

It was a story that really went public at the end of the 1960s when Western Mining Corporation (later WMC Resources) discovered sulphide nickel at Kambalda.

The fortunes of Australia’s performance as a producer of both sulphide and lateritic nickel has waxed and waned with the nickel markets but its role in the Australian economy has often been under-stated.

A lot of remarkable people and innovative companies have worked in this sector and this is recorded in this book.

It is a history worth recording with all its excitement and disappointment, colourful stories, and engineering and technological advancements.

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Australia`s Nickel Adventure
Ross Louthean & Carl Knox-Robinson
Silver Budgie Pty Ltd

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