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Ron wrote this poem as a birthday gift for his good mate Geoff Bell. Geoff runs Banksia Springs Cottages in Dwellingup, a country getaway full of nature and relaxation. Banksia Springs was inspired by a visit by Ron.

Banksia Springs

Sitting under those tall trees
at Banksia Springs

Soaking up one of
nature’s treasured things

Can’t wait to experience.. again.

Who needs to go.. Spain?

This magic at Dwellingup
nature’s Hobbit’s knell

Shows the genius
of host Geoff Bell

Eighty one today
so greetings from us here

Till we drive in again
bringing Festive Cheer.

Ron & Jenny Manners
July 24, 2017

Visit Banksia Springs Cottages yourself, you won’t regret it.

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