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Ron Manners, “Resources rise, so it’s time to fly!,” Mannerisms, December 8, 2002, copied from

It’s time to fly,
said the parent birds
as they nudged
baby lorikeet out of the nest.

You’re big enough now
to flap your own wings,
to take to the sky
and fly aloft with the rest.

Well, that was the hope,
the result was far different.
Instead, a thud to the ground,
with dogs and cats; in danger’s way.

That’s when we found him
and he signed up for
those morning flying lessons,
“an offer too good” was all he could say.

We couldn’t feed him though,
flung him up to the palm branch
so parents with regurgitated relish
fed the frail body with bile.

Then each day it flew further
when tossed in the air.
Then it got the idea,
full flight with grace and style.

And so it is with
corporate challenge and opportunity.
If you’re ready to fly then
take the jump and away.

If you’ve prepared yourself
for a successful launch,
you’ll take others with you
and in every sense, the risks will then pay.

Seeing your dreams unfold
is a prize in itself
and helping others with theirs
adds dimension, to each single day.

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