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Ron Manners, “Learn from the trees,” Mannerisms, December 18, 2006, copied from

Much of a muchness
you might say —

one tree’s like another
in a generic kind of way —

Could be true in some countries,
in Australia, not the case,
each of our famous gum trees
can show us a unique face —

Change our viewing angle
at a different time of day,
and we see the personality shine through
any artist could portray.

So we start as individuals,
like our famous Aussie trees,
but by the time we’re fully ‘processed’,
we’re as identical as peas.

To stand upright and alone
is not easy you might know,
while getting belted from all sides
by our friends as well as foes.

Fill in our forms and log books,
apply for our next licence number,
change our clocks and watch T.V.,
sink into a Zombie-like slumber.

There is a delicate balance
twixt democracy and mob rule —
to trust your enemy is foolish —
and who wants to be a fool?

So get in early for next year,
try to hold something back,
before they creep up behind you —
and give you a bloody great whack!

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