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Ron Manners, “A Different Vision,” On Liberty: Australia’s newsletter for advocates of civil and economic liberty, incorporating Optimism magazine, vol. 1, November 1979, p. 20 [of vol., which is p. 1 of Nov. edition].

I read some verse by Darlene Bridge,
About the government our protector.
Politicians and bureaucratic fat-cats,
And regulators from the public sector.

“Dictate your rules,
To one of those sheep.
I was born with a right
I intend to keep.

Your smile is kind.
You wish me no harm
But this body is mine.
Let go of my arm.

You seem to care
And perhaps you may;
But you don’t understand.
Get out of my way.”

She sees it clear, lovely fellows all,
Paving the road to hell with good intention.
But the results are the problem,
Don’t embarrass them by making a mention.

Their vision is
“Keep the serfs in their place.
Decisions are ours,
The superior race.”

Is it presumptuous,
Of all of us others,
Ever to think,
We could care for our brothers?

How could we ever,
Permit such a thought,
After all what rights,
Are ours without being bought?

They tell us none
Unless we acquire,
A government license,
Guaranteed to expire.

It’s only our lives,
Our labour, our cash.
Too bad they believe,
Our independence is brash.

Seems we should,
Have more room to breathe.
In fact we should manage,
To do everything we please;

With our lives and our property.
But one thing we should know,
We must not harm our neighbour.
He too has the right to grow.

So, sounds easy.
If no victim, then no crime.
Simple as that,
And all in one rhyme.

Say! What would we do
With those fat-cats and regulators?
We could give them a job,
As feedstock for alligators.

But seriously though,
With the Country moving again,
There would be gainful employment,
For each of those reformed men.

The energy of freedom,
Would again be on stream.
Responsibility of individuals,
A reality and no longer a dream!

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