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For me, measuring things
is more than a hobby.
I feel we can only manage
that which we measure.

Is it worth the time
and the extra effort?
Even if it can often
bite into our leisure.

So how do we measure
to see if we are rich?
No good measuring in dollars,
that’s a unit losing value.

Money devaluation will drive
dollars down into the ditch.
Far better to measure
with an appreciating asset.

How about measuring by the quality of your friends.
These are real values as you travel through life.
Particularly when it comes
to the choice of your wife.

So, it’s not what we
have in life,
but who we have in our
lives that matters.

As Mark Twain said;
“No man is a failure,
Who has friends.”
Without friends – life in Tatters.

Only one thing
better than friends,
is an occasion such as this.
Getting together; a night ‘on the piss!’


Ron Manners,

83 on Jan 8, 2019.

Note:     ‘On the piss’ = An Australianism for a quiet reflective drink with very good friends.

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