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The Great Hope

Essays on Character and Liberty

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Liberty and character are the stuff of great nations. They are our “great hope,” as this anthology’s title suggests. Without them, we wither and die as individuals and then as a people. That’s why easy-to-understand, quick-to-read, handy-to-pass-along books that champion those values are vital.

The Great Hope: Essays on Character and Liberty offers 32 brief essays that originated as columns in the local newspaper in Newnan, Georgia, where Lawrence W. Reed lives. The subjects are wide-ranging–from Calvin Coolidge to corporate welfare–and are held together by two central themes: liberty and character, and how one depends upon the other.

Readers will not only be able to see the world with greater breadth and depth, but they’ll also find guideposts in a universe that at times seems morally disorienting. They’ll find sketches of people, living and dead, who are exemplars of liberty and character (and some who are not). And they’ll recall that these values are not quaint enlightenment fancies, but timeless truths to be rediscovered from time to time.

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The Great Hope
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Essays on Character and Liberty
Lawrence W. Reed
Foundation for Economic Education

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