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Ron Manners’ ideas
and adventures
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Part 2 of a 3 part interview with Ron Manners, filmed with Jadranko Brkic.

“When I was I think about sixteen, after high-school, I was working in my father’s engineering business and I was unpacking some big crates that had come from America with some mining equipment. In those days there was no polyurethane, there was no bubble wrap to pack these things, to stop them moving. But in these crates were crumpled up magazines. And the magazines I remember clearly were called ‘The Freeman’ magazine, the monthly magazine produced by this Foundation for Economic Education in New York. As a sixteen year old I smoothed those magazines out and I took them home and read them. I loved the talk of an individual responsibility, of a self sufficiency, and really it was the essence of entrepreneurship – the message of the free market.”