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Street Scenes: Ukraine

2 June 2014

Ukraine has been through many changes in recent history and here, Ron takes at what day-to-day life is like for many of its …

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Ukraine wedding and Australian poems

31 May 2014

A Ukraine wedding, dancing, Australian poems...just another day in the life of Ron Manners. This was filmed in Lviv, Ukraine. For poem text in …

Watch Ukraine wedding and Australian poems

In Conversation: Alexandr Starodubtsev

28 May 2014

This In Conversation video features Alexandr Starodubtsev, who talks about the revolution how it provided a new vision for Ukrainians.

Watch In Conversation: Alexandr Starodubtsev

In Conversation: Altona Shevchuk and Halyna Shlapai

28 May 2014

Alyona Shevchuk and Halyna Shlapai speak on their early Maidan involvement in the Ukraine Revolution.

Watch In Conversation: Altona Shevchuk and Halyna Shlapai

In Conversation: Curt Doolittle

27 May 2014

IT start-up entrepreneur Curt Doolittle shares his experiences and discusses Ukraine as the land of opportunity.

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In Conversation: Yaroslav Kucher

27 May 2014

Yaroslav Kutcher was assistant to city mayor of Kiev and here he talks to Ron about his role in the Ukrainian Revolution.

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Ukrainian Revolution ‘battlefield’

26 May 2014

Those involved with the Ukrainian Revolution show Ron Manners the significant 'battlefield' at Maidan Square in Kiev.

Watch Ukrainian Revolution ‘battlefield’

In Conversation: Linda Whetstone

26 May 2014

Filmed in Sussex, UK, this In Conversation video features Linda Whetstone, who at the time was chairman of Network for a Free Society and served on …

Watch In Conversation: Linda Whetstone

Street Scenes: Milan

24 April 2014

Another video in the series of travels of Ron Manners. This one takes you to the streets of Milan, the fashion capital of …

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Street Scenes: Chicago

15 April 2014

Join Ron as he visits Chicago, Illinois - the third-most populous city in the United States with a population of  2.7 million and home to a number …

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